Sunday, 28 October 2012

The best thing in life is …

The BEST thing in life is …
That it flows doesn’t stop …
No clear beginning, middle or end,
that a moment later ‘this moment’ becomes ‘that moment’.
That I take it all with amazement!
That every night is pregnant with the new morn.
That there’s a smile hidden in every frown.
That smiles widen into giggles,
and laughter into tears strewn,
that the small things make the bigger undone.
That the suspense is thrilling,
the pain is killing,
and the sweet taste of winning,
that it embraces you unawares.
That heartbreaks heal,
you give in to desires,
that love engulfs the anger,
that you make lifelong friends outta strangers.

That some good cause will bear effect.
That wanderers will be back to the nest.
That if it brings you to the sorrows,
it showers happiness too in the morrow.
That nothing is constant, this too shall pass.
That this flow carries hope in its heart
To push to extremes and keep burning bright.
That we have the FAITH to hold on to tight.

That every new experience makes you gain.
That my search isn’t in vain!
That if now it’s the winter, SPRING can’t be far behind.
That I have found some meaning, life has been kind.

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Keeping my fingers crossed ...

Keeping my fingers crossed...

The break is on …
The hunt is on …
I take in all that comes my way
Keeping my fingers crossed…

The late waiting mornings
The sobbing silent nights
Escape! to create my own sunshine
Keeping my fingers crossed…

I slip, I fail
Drowned in my wails
Rise again from the ashes
Keeping my fingers crossed…

Fettered with bruises - verbal and acts
Wallow in self-pity
Strive to create my own special place
Keeping my fingers crossed…

Some things to do
More to be undone
Ready with open arms
Keeping my fingers crossed...

Ensnared by masked sways of the world
the idiot-box-phillic ways 
Now, to widening my creative horizons
Keeping my fingers crossed...

Lessons learnt
Revised and re-determined
On way to imbibe, wear the guidance as skin
Keeping my fingers crossed...

Frowns and puckered brows
The dark wet lines below the eyes
Make way for the smile, keep the faith alive
Keeping my fingers crossed...

Peel off the layers I loathe
Hail the Conviction and Confidence!
Start the music and do my own dance
Keeping my fingers crossed...

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda
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