Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My secret energy boosters!

Isn't that a familiar feeling? A world of the song sometimes feels more like home, echoes the feelings and the emotions, whether you are in love with someone, something, yourself or are out of love, and its therapeutic. Its the apt 'taazagi ka dhamaka' we all need sometimes. The Bard himself stated that beautifully long time back,' If music be the food of love, play on...'

Some music and dance gives you a high like nothing else. And when its as energetic and lively as this video with Allu arjun's dance moves and Anushka Manchanda's singing, you just can't stop yourself from shaking your leg along. It just freshens you up, however bored or tired you might be, just like the bride and groom in the video who ultimately can't resist it and join in along with all others.

Apart from this one, my energy booster playlist would include the following nine numbers too. 
1. Ab ke Saawan : Its a regular mundane day. And then music seeps in.  Things pick up pace with the daily musical sounds alongwith with the initial hummimg and then the alaap of Shubha mudgaal much like the lull preceeding the storm when her full blown vocals on lyrics penned by Prasoon Joshi, come full throttle and make you groove along.
Try listening to it on a rainy day on full volume while on a drive in a car - what taaazgi ka dhamaka that's gonna be, even if just head banging you can manage therein!
Rain and music both leave you wanting for more - bheege tan man har gali mein, bheegne do jahan... that's what a dose of freshness is like!

2.Jhalla wallah : Whether it is Something about the Shreya Ghoshal's vocals, or  Gauhar Khan's moves, or the qawwali feel to the music or the quirky lyrics - 'Aashiqon mein jiska title Titanic...', this song has stayed on my playlist and brings a smile too whenever I play it.

3. Aa raha hoon main zindagi : Atif Aslam on the vocals and the 'boneless' Tiger Shroff showing his smooth moves! There's more. The song reinforcing the belief in life, living life kingsize, says it all you need to pep you up and try to match steps (I fail miserably though!). This also reminds me of the old 'Zindagi aa raha hoon main' number from Mashaal.

4.Chittiyaan kallayiaan : The first time I heard it, I was like "Now which song is this ?" And the next moment I saw my one plus old darling gleefully swinging to that one. Second time, we both were dancing together. It was irresistible.  I still can't change the channel if that song is playing.

5.Sun Saathiya : This number from ABCD2 has something about it that ever since I have heard it, it hasn't worn out of my sight, memory and I can't help my futile attempts to get the lyrics right and try out a step or two.

6. Saturday Night: The thought and feel of the weekend, music, dance, partying and catchy Whigfield vocals -all make this number a heady concoction that will get you on the floor. I so wanna go back to this like right now!

7. Kamli kamli : The Dhoom 3 number has got interesting visuals, vocal.s It is spellbindingly refreshing. The video itself proves it. Remember the look on the face of Aamir Khan!

8. Chambe di booti : The energy of this song just grips me from the word go. And once the powerful vocals of Arif Lohar and Misha  take over, then the intense lyrics just don't let me go. What energy man!Listen for yourself and get addicted.

9.Suraj dooba hai yaaro The songs that chants about becoming selfish- 'matlabi hoja zara matlabi' indeed does make you selfish and how! It infuses me with a dose of energy from God-knows-where and my devil-may-care attitude comes to the fore making me groove away to glory with this number from Roy. Try it for yourself.

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