Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

Albert Einstein has said "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information." We are constantly bombarded by information on a regular basis but some things touch you and never leave you and become a part of your learning. That’s something you take with you wherever you go, shapes up your personality and as an experience makes you richer. As they say, life is the biggest teacher. Our programming, being loaded with information starts pretty early in life. However, how much we imbibe and actually goes into our human revolution depends on us. 

When we talk about learning to do things right, its just not just from the people around us, or even the strangers we encounter, but also, places, situations, circumstances, non livings things too, for that matter. Even silence, at times, lends us so much to learn from.

People: The moment I start thinking about the people who have inspired, encouraged me, there are lotsa images that start floating in front of my eyes - my parents who I owe it all to, my favourite teacher who was so fair (impartial), the night watchman, from whom I learnt my first lesson in bravery (I wanted to grow up and become one, coz I thought he was so brave and could wander during the night protecting one and all, can you beat that?). Once I grew up, my friends and peers, movie stars or the roles they played, professors, authors, I read, they inspired me. The basic lessons had all been ingrained till then - no lies, do good, caring and sharing, keep your word, practice good manners, try, try and win. But there was still something missing when I came across the writings of Dr Daisaku Ikeda, President of the lay Buddhist organisation, SGI. And the lessons I have come to learn are invaluable.

Respect and appreciate your life first
Respect every other life too, irrespective of their job, social standing 
Be happy first and self-lessly work towards making others happy
Strive for peace not just in your family, but society and peace of the land
Be world citizens
Appreciate and show gratitude to one and all (we owe much to them)
Think not just of yourself but the successors who'll follow you
Sufferings are inevitable, so learn to challenge them to win over them
Winter always turns to spring and so many others

And even something as basic as, greet others every day with a smile. Not that I hadn't heard these before, the way you could impact your environment and life through these won me over. Not mere hollow words or preachings, he has shown it thorough his experience, that you needn't forget and forego all the good things learnt to live happily in these soiled times.

Place : Earliest learning begins at home, then at school, or at grandparent's house or a friend's place. So many places, like people are etched in our minds for the right things we have picked up from there. I had my fair share of such places and incidents in my life till one day I decided to take up the radio job I was offered in Mid East. First time ever, I was ready to leave the protective environment of my house and that too so far, when I hadn't even stayed in a hostel ever. Of course, with my kitty full of revised lessons as well as new ones waiting to be learnt, ones you can only learn when you are alone in a distant land. How the freedom and independence brings along a whole lot of responsibility, how your confidence grows, how manage it all single-handedly, be it the finances or chores apart from your job, how your decisions affect you and others, how to keep yourself motivated despite anything, how not to take your independence for granted, how to say no and host of other such lessons which take you through the roughest of times in your life later, Yes, being single and away from your home is one experience I believe everyone should experience. Its such an invaluable lesson. I might have felt bogged down sometime but in retrospect, its one decision of my life, one experience that has made me see things differently and do them right, a place that I will always feel gratitude for making me what I am today.

Well not just people and places, situations and circumstances, even negative, do make us learn quite many right things. Certain situations or the absence of them, does make us learn life's harsh but important truths and lessons. When I quit my job, little did I know how things, people will change just because of that one change in my life, I was the same person, well educated, with same values, who had just left her well -paying job to take a break, or take another one after a brief sabbatical Soon things changed, the attitude of people changed and I realised I was being judged just on the basis of that, that I was jobless and not getting another one! I have learnt that just because of one change in your circumstances doesn't make you less of a person, worthy of respect. What you do to earn a living and how much you earn is important but isn't something that solely defines you as a person, that there is more to any individual, if you gotta appreciate them and feel grateful for. 

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Reality bites!!!

You might love them, you might hate them, you cannot ignore them.
You might love them for drama, you might be glued to them for reality, they surely are a much-needed, much-awaited break from the daily soap sagas. Yes, reality is addictive and so are reality TV shows. Who doesn't love a dash of 'real' masala in the grim reality of life! And not to forget full on entertainment, entertainment, entertainment! Now that most of the reality shows on our small screen have been running for seasons after seasons, time for few more ideas :

Castaway : The contestants in this reality show will be Bollywood celebs, business honchos, top political personalities who will be put together in secluded house where they'll be bereft of all the frills and thrills of modern living. They will be put away to exist in circumstances where there will be no modern amenities and facilities that they are so accustomed to : no gadgets - electrical, electronic, truly 'organic' living so to say.There will be no electricity meaning refrigerator, AC/fan, washing machine, gas cylinder, microwave. iron, etc. (Just wondering in case of politicians, how would they managetheir spotless, starched, white kurtas!) Cultivate your food and feed yourself to be the mantra and how they survive it all is the test. The contestant who survives it all and for the longest time will be the winner, 

Couple entry : Participants in this reality show will be couples who will be asked to shop for each other - husbands for wives and vice versa. The test will be their reactions to their spouses' buys and they have to live out a day in whatever shape, size and colour outfit they get from their spouse. Their candid reactions will make for masaaledaar real stuff, of course the deals/ discount/ bargain will also be taken into account.There can be three couples who contest every week and one winner to be chosen.

50 shades of grey (matter)/Kaun kitne paani mein: This reality show will be like 'political erotica' where we can have the politicians of our country as participants competing in a quiz and task show. This reality show has an altruistic purpose, since the ones eliminated will be retired from politics for good since there is no other way to retire them!
We all know that our politicians have a way with the words, can be more scheming than the saas-bahu-bhabhis of our daily soaps, but haven't we wondered many atimes as to how much educated our politicians are. Afterall, how much they do remember from what they have studied, which is surely not evident from the way they throw things and behave in the Parliament. The audiences will love to know 'kaun kitne paani mein' and this kinda 'real' stuff would make for shooting TRPs for the channel. I think so and this one certainly appeals to me the most and here's a quick dekko at what viewers are gonna experience.

Title : 50 shades of grey 

Participants : 50 politicians in one season

Objective : To clean up the policitical system of our country, to ensure good governance

Concept : The participants will be chosen from different political parties on the basis of the age, attendance in Parliament and participation in discussions during the sessions ( the lesser the attendance, stronger the chance). Also, the older one is, they fit the bill. Three participants from each party can be grouped together to compete against each other. There participants will have to endure a volley of questions from different aspects/walks of life, general knowledge, back to school round, morals and ethics round to check their IQ, EQ, ans SQ.
Apart from the quiz, they will also be judged on the basis of how they perform various tasks such as the one in which they'll be provided with some stuff and they have to plan a ghotala/ scam in the minimum amount of time. The one who does so earliest will be a strong contender for elimination. Another task could be to secure a job other than being a politician with an expert panel testing/interviewing them. Also, tasks to judge whether they are old and senile and need to be given rest. So every weelk there will be an elimination. 
Thus everytime there will be a catch and the eliminated ones get to retire for good thus making way or the new young breed with new ideas. The more seasons this show has, the better will be the clean up act.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Musings revisited 3

Now, you are young, dreamer, writing, ok trying writing poems, and no love poem? Hows that even possible? The question troubled not just others but me too and then 'this moment' I penned down one.
Love poem -my first ever!


A chance meeting with you 
and the embers alighted anew 
that I had smothered so long

A sight of you 
and the heart - leapt
that stayed yet settled

A smile by you
and the pallor - yielded
to hot crimson blushes

A talk with you
and the memories revived
of the past with and without you

A laugh with you
and the ecstasy - experienced
never since long

A raillerie by you 
and the reverie - broken
to which I was drifting this moment

The meeting over
and the restlessness lingers
that had been repressed till this moment.

Musings Revisited 2

"In creating, the only hard thing is to begin", they say. Well, the first one had been created and the love for the 'Rhyme' was hard to abandon. So I realised when I sat out to compose the second one. Minimal 'I', 'my' and to 'ryhme' is 'fine'- that was 'My Plight', yes, the life-state that you are in. Here it goes :


I had read somewhere
Lives of great men make you dare.
For me, they give me a scare.
Their success-stories inspire to acquire,
what they acheived and we just believed,
what they conquered and we just pondered.

My case is otherwise
They do make me realise,
But only my pettiness in my eyes,
my failure, my folly compared to the wise.
Their glory at having graced the heights,
makes me pity my plight.

The time spent in making castles in air, will never come back,
the doors that I shut, being on the wrong track,
life that's wasted in self-indulgence,
the cursed flower without fragrance.
Their achievements, do make me realise
my dreams and hopes that didn't materialise.

Their life stories when I do recollect,
cripple me, I muse, reflect , wonder, rather than act.
Though they are dead and gone,
yet, alive in what they have done.
This realisation, gives me pain, 
In 'Rich and Famous', there won't be my name!

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Musings revisited 1

"Every twenty-something does attempt to write poetry sometime or the other, especially so, if reading/studying literature", proclaimed one of my favourite Professors during one of the Modern Poetry lectures. That set me thinking. Despite three years of rigorous under-graduate literature studies and about to touch the twenty-year landmark, I hadn't tried penning any, or even thought about it. Had tried my hand at short story writing or articles, maybe a couplet if at all, but a nice little poem, none! Now I couldn't rest till I had tried writing one. So one fine day, I set about penning it all after gathering my random thoughts, emotions, reading fair share of  poems to be inspired and a dictionary, of course, for rhyming help! Yes, a set of rhyming lines, it was to be as my maiden poem and what better to write on other than the subject that has perennially bothered spiritualists, anthropologists, philosophers and scientists alike "Life and Death" - yes, this theme intrigued me even at that age, and still does! I still remember when one of my lecturers read it, he said it had the touches of ghazal -writing, which I little understood then. Also, that for my subsequent compositions, I was told to avoid 'rhyme' altogether, and 'I', if possible, (a deeper lesson, indeed, wouldn't avoiding just that uncomplicate so much in life!). I stumbled upon this first poem of mine today, and here I am re-producing it here.

Life versus Death

After trying life I long for death
For now this burden I want to shed;
I am tired bearing it so long
I want to sing the death's song.
A complete want of a loving touch, 
Twenty years have shown me so much!

Such disappointment, sorrow, such unrest;
I want to bring myself to rest.
Death, take me in your peaceful lap
O, free me from this life's trap.
In fury, you so many slay,
Yet, to kill oneself is no child's play, 

Facing life', they say, 'is a deed so brave.
It's easy to be death's slave,
To do nothing and lie in a grave'.
Sorrow, sorrow and more sorrow...
'Hold on', they say, there'll be a new morrow.
Its the past and present which make you say so;
The future holds many good things to show.
So here I am trying to come to terms with life,
Waiting for my time to be ripe,
And wondering at the strange Triumph of Life!

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