Friday, 25 July 2014

My 'incredibly super-powered' phone!

Mankind has this hunger to know everything, alright! But aren't we all, at the same time, in search of unfathomable, Incredible? Once you reach that unfathomable, a new search for the 'incredible' begins. And the journey of life and exploration and evolution continues. So Asus 'In Search of Incredible' Zenphone has already come up with #INCREDIBLEZEN ASUS 4, 5 and 6-Inch Android phones - the phones with some superpowers - what fun is it imagining your phone with some incredible super powers! AsusZenphone is a product to enhance your style quotient, fun quotient, smartness quotient and bring the best of technology at your fingertips. Taking inspiration from the incredible superpowers of Asus Zenphone, I can't help but think, dream of my phone having some extraordinary abilities towards spreading happiness -truly a Zen phone, things that none of the available smart phones ever thought of. 

See what others can't see 

Imagine a phone which completes your basic human need. Hunger, love, make way - there is yet another basic human need that complements our personality - the desire for 'Compliments'. I would definitely like my phone to have this super power - to see what others can't see - the innate goodness inherent in every human being, though lying latent. A phone which compliments you on your external and internal beauty every time you look at it. It can tell you whats wrong and where and you can fix it in a jiffy. What fun, isn't it? Our mobile phone is our constant companion these days, accompanies us wherever we go, it better be able to see what others can't see. Anyways, we look at it more times in a day than we look at the looking glass. When you look good, you feel good too; it boosts your confidence, and makes your day. It works well as a positive reinforcement for our personality and outlook. And who's better to do this job than your 'technological better half', with whom you spend more time than your better half. Afterall, according to 2013 Cell Phone Statistics, 29% of users described their phone as something they can't live without.

Do what others can't do 

A study says, women talk almost three times as much as men. According to WHO obesity statistics, in all WHO regions, women were more likely to be obese than men. Phew! No, I definitely don't want my Smart phone to be able to collect this kind of data for me. What I am trying to drive home is another extraordinary ability of my 'super-powered' phone - one that could be a boon for all women! I would want my phone to have the superpower of - hold your breath - triggering weightloss! Do what others can't do! The more you talk on the phone, the more weight you'll lose. How cool is that! Women are the worst sufferers when it comes to weight-gain and women love to talk a lot too. So the much desired equilibrium could be achieved and maintained if all that talking could make me and all lose something undesirable and gain the appreciation in the process. Now this superpower will definitely be a first for a phone. And thats what I call a Smartphone in the true sense. Just imagine the advertisement of my phone showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of happy people. It will always be a ‘sold out’. Happy vendors, happy customers!

Feel what others can't feel

Are you the one who has an amazing record of losing phones that none can beat? Are you the one fumbling with your stuff many times during the day trying to locate your phone, simply put, a li’l forgetful when it comes to your phone? Or suffering from that paranoia that you have lost your phone or are about to lose it, or you have lost it? If yes, then my ‘super-powered phone’ is out there as a ‘messiah’ for you all. A smart phone which has the extraordinary ability to feel what others can’t feel – your presence! Touch therapy with a twist – oh actually, from a distance! Swipe. Touch. Expand. No need to go close and harm your body. The phone sends out vibes so that you can locate it, anytime, every time. Talk and play without worrying about losing it! I have seen so may people fretting over it that I ‘feel’ for it. You’ll be connected almost all the time – that’s some powerful, superrr power that I would want my phone to have. 

This post is my entry for the #INCREDIBLEZEN ASUS Zenphone contest by Asus in association with Indiblogger

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