Friday, 12 June 2015

5 gems of my world!


If travel be the food of life, drive on; Give me excess of it, …

But no surfeiting. Never. Ever. Not especially since you can now take your world with you wherever you want, live your life to the fullest with those you love. Basically that means to #LiveLodgycal in the new Renault Lodgy, since that brings along best of both the worlds – ample space for everybody’s comfort and a powerful, efficient engine to make every drive a memorable driving experience.

Like moms, my baby is my world and I wouldn’t part with it for the world. Taking her along would mean taking along the whole paraphernalia that goes along with a toddler of 1.8 yrs, that any mum would be so familiar with. I would have to load my car with diapers (most important –mind you, and loads of them), wipes, baby bottle sterilizer, sanitizer, milk bottles water bottles, baby feeding cups and spoons and plates (careful, they might double up as playthings too) and as many on-the-go baby food options as possible and many and much more knickknacks. I can stock them all – her favourite food and drinks, since I am taking along a practical MUV for a #LiveLodgycal experience. But with that comes the fear of messing up the interiors, but no food spills in Renault Lodgy because of conveniently placed cup holders and luxurious flight trays.

Baby’s toys and few books maybe. Now that your toddler is part of your world, playthings, toys and what not goes along with you to keep him/her entertained and you relaxed. The big toys, the small toys, the wonderdoggy, and the mini cycle, all that follows. Oh yeah- the stroller too – which occupies a whole lot of space and we have to usually leave it behind otherwise. But in Lodgy what with massive boot space of 207 litres expandable to 1861 liters, I can conveniently pack all this and lots more with ease. And since there’s  a retractable seat in the third row and can be tumble folded to allow extra space and comfort , I too can pack in few books, few light reads and few related to my faith, to enjoy during my baby’s nap times.

Another prerequisite of my world for such a drive, in fact the most important would be the hubby, of course. Afterall, for a drive you do need atleast one licensed individual behind the wheel and who else will that be, with me the wifey, still being driving –challenged. I am sure he’s gonna love wielding the adjustable steering wheel while being parked luxuriously on theleather-upholstered driver’s seat which can be adjusted in 8 different ways according to his preference while resting his arm on the integrated armrest. Oh boy! this one complies and how! Alongwith a face to be envied and a body to be admired that is! And with that kinda comfort and features, short drives can easily become long drives and also, parking can be tad too easy with the rear parking aid. The Eco mode of the car can keep a tab on fuel consumption. No compromises on safety front too. Dual front airbags and ABS combined with EBD and Brake Assist can help him control the car better in case of an emergency braking situation. All in all, he can’t thank me enough for this  #LiveLodgycal experience.


Now if the hubby goes, along go his gadgets! His over-worked and constantly-discharged phone, charger, the playlist on the phone and the USB, the DSLR, and what not are the tag-alongs. But thank God, the new Renault Lodgy comes fitted with state-of-the-art MediaNAV console which has all the controls at your finger-tip playing on its 7-inch touchscreen. All he needs to do is

just connect the phone to it and that starts the fun not in terms of just entertainment but also, to answer calls, parking and most importantly, navigation with installed maps. Afterall, who’s gonna ask for directions, man? (it’s a man’s best friend, what say?) Oh! for me, I love the radio option alongwith the chatter and the ads. I must mention the life saviour in the car would be the mobile charger for his never-satiated mobile, not to forget there’s a charging socket for all three rows of seats to power your devices wherever you might be sitting in the car. Well that brings me to another addition to my world travelling with me.


My extended world : Since Renault Lodgy boasts of ample space with  up to flexible 7/8 full-sized seats over three rows, and since my world comprises a joint family with six members (including me and hubby, in-laws, bro-in-law and sis-in-law) and two toddlers, I can take them all along with ease on certain special occasions. Instead of taking two cars and wasting fuel, this can be an economic, entertaining, beautiful and comfortable option. And safe too. No compromises there- whether it is driving safely or parking safely what with cutting-edge research and engineering. I personally loved the anti-pinch feature on the driver’s side offering protection by rolling down on sensing an obstruction. Renault Lodgy can truly be an asset when it comes to living life logically and venturing on picnics, roadtrips or city driving.

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.


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