Monday, 15 June 2015

The Fresh move(s) of H&W

"Listen, aaj nahi ho paayega. I'll be working late today", the voice of the H declared hurriedly on the phone.
W paused. She quickly checked her anguish and said, "And what about tomorrow?'
"What about tomorrow?", the voice on the other side echoed.
"The movie?", W said not feeling like saying anymore.
"Arre nahin yaar! Not tomorrow. Kal toh I have a plan with Duggu n all. Phir dekhte hain. Ok. Bye.
"Bye", W said not wanting to prolong this conversation. Such conversations were becoming the norm of late.
She threw the phone away. “As usual”, she said to herself. In the background, FM was playing Dum maro dum mit jaye ghum... W smiled faintly wondering if it was that simple, life was that simple. It had been just 3 years since they got married and something had already gone amiss, what they call 'the spark' that had died off. How she wished somebody or something could rekindle that. In fact minutes before this conversation, when she was flipping the pages of the newspaper, she noticed with interest the full page advert of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda’s concert in the town the next day. She had smiled to herself. She looked at the paper again and started humming that Anushka Manchanda track 'Tu saala kaam se gaya...', and her thoughts veered to that first meeting of the now H&W. 

It was in 'the Mix'. W had been dancing gleefully with her friends but she had noticed someone was stealing glances at her initially and then more often and W noticed when he wasn’t. Then there was an announcement – the big surprise of that evening was about to be unveiled. And they heard a voice’ 'Hey, phir dekh raha hai...' and the crowd went berserk chanting 'Anushka! Anushka!' Then they saw a hooded figure appear on the stage with a flip in the air. It was Allu Arjun in his charismatic style! What an entry! The crowd couldn’t contain the energy that the duo brought along when they both started churning out hit foot tapping numbers one after another and set the stage on fire. W’s sensuous groovy moves on Anushka’s ‘Tu saala kaam se gaya’ number echoed what H’s heart and mind was telling him. H couldn’t stop himself from asking her for the next dance on Golmaal title track and then 'Dum maro dum' and so on. The whole ambience was crazy but the duo had eyes only for each other and exchanged smiles and much more. The excitement the energy of the singing-dancing duo was infectious and it weaved magic for the duo –in the process of being H&W.

When H came back that night, he was exhausted. And she too, with all the mind travelling she had done today. None seemed to be in the mood to ask or answer questions. Then H broke the silence. “Wo Duggu has got 6-7 passes for tomorrow for some Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun nite. So wahan chalte hain kal. Be ready by 6. W turned back to confirm what she had heard but H was busy fetching the remote. She just smiled to herself thinking about and thanking that someone up there who fulfils one wish in 24 hours, as they say.

The next evening H& W reached the venue and secured their place close to the stage. It was like déjà vu. Anushka entered the venue crooning ‘Ek main aur ek tu’. The whole atmosphere got charged when Allu Arjun joined her and rocked the stage with his sensational moves. And the next song was ‘tu saala kaam se gaya’. That moment the eyes of H&W met, they both smiled at each other. H stretched out his hand to W and she showed her best moves. And that’s when the magic started weaving again. They both danced like they had been dying to do this for so long. Then it was ‘Lucky tu lucky me’ and before they knew it, they both were called up on the stage and they were matching steps with full gusto and freshness with Anushka and Allu. Now that was the # MaxFreshMove, exactly the shot of freshness that H&W needed, their life needed.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?"

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