Thursday, 11 July 2013

Musings Revisited 2

"In creating, the only hard thing is to begin", they say. Well, the first one had been created and the love for the 'Rhyme' was hard to abandon. So I realised when I sat out to compose the second one. Minimal 'I', 'my' and to 'ryhme' is 'fine'- that was 'My Plight', yes, the life-state that you are in. Here it goes :


I had read somewhere
Lives of great men make you dare.
For me, they give me a scare.
Their success-stories inspire to acquire,
what they acheived and we just believed,
what they conquered and we just pondered.

My case is otherwise
They do make me realise,
But only my pettiness in my eyes,
my failure, my folly compared to the wise.
Their glory at having graced the heights,
makes me pity my plight.

The time spent in making castles in air, will never come back,
the doors that I shut, being on the wrong track,
life that's wasted in self-indulgence,
the cursed flower without fragrance.
Their achievements, do make me realise
my dreams and hopes that didn't materialise.

Their life stories when I do recollect,
cripple me, I muse, reflect , wonder, rather than act.
Though they are dead and gone,
yet, alive in what they have done.
This realisation, gives me pain, 
In 'Rich and Famous', there won't be my name!

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