Thursday, 11 July 2013

Musings revisited 3

Now, you are young, dreamer, writing, ok trying writing poems, and no love poem? Hows that even possible? The question troubled not just others but me too and then 'this moment' I penned down one.
Love poem -my first ever!


A chance meeting with you 
and the embers alighted anew 
that I had smothered so long

A sight of you 
and the heart - leapt
that stayed yet settled

A smile by you
and the pallor - yielded
to hot crimson blushes

A talk with you
and the memories revived
of the past with and without you

A laugh with you
and the ecstasy - experienced
never since long

A raillerie by you 
and the reverie - broken
to which I was drifting this moment

The meeting over
and the restlessness lingers
that had been repressed till this moment.

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