Sunday, 14 July 2013

Reality bites!!!

You might love them, you might hate them, you cannot ignore them.
You might love them for drama, you might be glued to them for reality, they surely are a much-needed, much-awaited break from the daily soap sagas. Yes, reality is addictive and so are reality TV shows. Who doesn't love a dash of 'real' masala in the grim reality of life! And not to forget full on entertainment, entertainment, entertainment! Now that most of the reality shows on our small screen have been running for seasons after seasons, time for few more ideas :

Castaway : The contestants in this reality show will be Bollywood celebs, business honchos, top political personalities who will be put together in secluded house where they'll be bereft of all the frills and thrills of modern living. They will be put away to exist in circumstances where there will be no modern amenities and facilities that they are so accustomed to : no gadgets - electrical, electronic, truly 'organic' living so to say.There will be no electricity meaning refrigerator, AC/fan, washing machine, gas cylinder, microwave. iron, etc. (Just wondering in case of politicians, how would they managetheir spotless, starched, white kurtas!) Cultivate your food and feed yourself to be the mantra and how they survive it all is the test. The contestant who survives it all and for the longest time will be the winner, 

Couple entry : Participants in this reality show will be couples who will be asked to shop for each other - husbands for wives and vice versa. The test will be their reactions to their spouses' buys and they have to live out a day in whatever shape, size and colour outfit they get from their spouse. Their candid reactions will make for masaaledaar real stuff, of course the deals/ discount/ bargain will also be taken into account.There can be three couples who contest every week and one winner to be chosen.

50 shades of grey (matter)/Kaun kitne paani mein: This reality show will be like 'political erotica' where we can have the politicians of our country as participants competing in a quiz and task show. This reality show has an altruistic purpose, since the ones eliminated will be retired from politics for good since there is no other way to retire them!
We all know that our politicians have a way with the words, can be more scheming than the saas-bahu-bhabhis of our daily soaps, but haven't we wondered many atimes as to how much educated our politicians are. Afterall, how much they do remember from what they have studied, which is surely not evident from the way they throw things and behave in the Parliament. The audiences will love to know 'kaun kitne paani mein' and this kinda 'real' stuff would make for shooting TRPs for the channel. I think so and this one certainly appeals to me the most and here's a quick dekko at what viewers are gonna experience.

Title : 50 shades of grey 

Participants : 50 politicians in one season

Objective : To clean up the policitical system of our country, to ensure good governance

Concept : The participants will be chosen from different political parties on the basis of the age, attendance in Parliament and participation in discussions during the sessions ( the lesser the attendance, stronger the chance). Also, the older one is, they fit the bill. Three participants from each party can be grouped together to compete against each other. There participants will have to endure a volley of questions from different aspects/walks of life, general knowledge, back to school round, morals and ethics round to check their IQ, EQ, ans SQ.
Apart from the quiz, they will also be judged on the basis of how they perform various tasks such as the one in which they'll be provided with some stuff and they have to plan a ghotala/ scam in the minimum amount of time. The one who does so earliest will be a strong contender for elimination. Another task could be to secure a job other than being a politician with an expert panel testing/interviewing them. Also, tasks to judge whether they are old and senile and need to be given rest. So every weelk there will be an elimination. 
Thus everytime there will be a catch and the eliminated ones get to retire for good thus making way or the new young breed with new ideas. The more seasons this show has, the better will be the clean up act.

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