Friday, 17 April 2015

Life-changing start!

Disbelieving looks and a volley of questions by my friends followed my declaration about my future plans on that Chandigarh trip."You? Really?" "You are going out of country?" "How long? You alone?" "You think you can manage?" "Your dad allowed? How come?" I didn't know if or how I could manage all alone in distant different land but all I knew at that point in time was that it was time to #StartANewLife. Much-needed. Much waited-for. It was a change that was much desired and deserved both personally and professionally. And how my dad gave permission for me travelling to work alone, so far - well, it has always been a mystery and pretty mystical and I love it like that. But it was quite difficult for my friends to believe that he who had taken n number of arguments to be convinced enough to send me on the Chandigarh trip, that too with the parents of one of the friends, had agreed to this. He had always been over-protective of his little daughter who was too naiive and innocent and gullible and it was a long way before she would ever be able to decipher the ways of the world. I, on the other hand had, at the same time, maybe silently accepted and silently resented it all this while and secretly wished for any chance to #StartANewLife. This was my chance to see and explore life anew, on my own terms, taking my own responsibility and grow as an individual.

I think it was meant to be because I so badly wanted that. It was a great decision professionally, since I could be doing radio jockeying full-time and not shuttling between part-time jockeying and another job. I had realized I loved being on that side of the mic and bringing a smile and my little bit of difference in other people's lives, playing music and singing along. So how could I let go of this brilliant opportunity in a radio station in UAE. Afterall, I was one of the lucky few who had got selected and got a chance to not just chase but live my dream. It would have been a great learning experience and indeed it was! It was not cakewalk for sure had its ups and downs but as they say  #StartANewLife requires time in darkness, a period of cracking open and then happens eventual transformation. So, off I went with mixed feelings of hope, aspirations and fear. I picked up lotsa interesting experiences on the way and met a new me in the process. It turned out to be a life-changing and a life-expanding experience. 

It was a first for sure and it led to many beautiful beginnings in my life thereafter. My dad felt super-proud of me for this pathbreaking step of mine. I couldn't contain my happiness on receiving my parents at the airport when they visited me there. It was my mumma's first international visit.

It requires a lot of courage to take that one step. Be the change and #StartANewLife. It was worth it! Look up -


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