Sunday, 12 April 2015

My #together story -most memorable

It had been a little over one month and still I was seeking that settling down feeling or maybe I wasn't. Everything was still so new - new life, new four walls, new atmosphere, new routine, new expectations, new responsibilities, none of the old familiarity surrounded me. The hubby would leave for work every morning and I was left wondering the 'whys', hows, 'whats', 'what ifs' and 'what-if-nots' of my life. I had left my working madly-paying handsomely-giving name-fame kinda job and was now undecided as to what I wanted to do with my life next. It was scary, and yet liberating at times. I felt I was too tired, and deserved all the rest. It wasn't long before the honeymoon was over and it all became mood-swingingly nauseating. No, I wasn't pregnant but realized I was feeling really depressed. I badly needed a vent and good times and the feeling of feeling useful and to laugh out loud and with people other than I got to see in my waking hours for days together. While confirming and reconfirming that to myself, one fine day became super memorable because of a call I got from my group of friends that they were on their way to pick me up. It was going to be a stay-over at a friend's house that night like the good ol'days. We all hadn't been able to manage one for the longest time because of our crazy hectic schedules. Now I was free and one of my friends in US had come down all of a sudden for some work. That called for celebration. Perfect timing. It was God-sent. I was excited at the thought of what all we would be doing and on the other hand I was worried if this plan of ours wouldn't be objected to by the family. I was determined to challenge it in that case because I felt that my life and I so needed this break to look up and it was only once-a-year affair that our whole group of friends got a chance to be #together and celebrate. We so looked forward to this stay-over night - to gossip, to laugh, eat, to vent, to rejuvenate us for the whole year, to feel purely the joy of being #together. Of course, we needed the support of our husbands, with few of us married/newly married.

With random thoughts and saying a prayer for this plan to materialize, I called my husband and he having realized the state of my mind I had been for the last few weeks or maybe to have his own 'me-time' immediately okayed my decision. I was waiting for all the excitement to begin and I heard the bell rang. Few things in life are as beautiful and motivating as meeting your old friends, who love you and accept you as you are, don't judge you for everything and do anything to cheer you up. The  magic had begun. After spending sometime at my place, we all started for our destination. The night was so much fun with endless gossip sessions,serious chats on bettering our lives and others' too. Talking about my fears, aspirations, listening to my friends' stories, laughing, singing, dancing, shopping together made my spirit break the inertia setting in and brought me back on track. I was a different  person after that well needed break.

I came back much lighter, optimistic and with whole lot of gratitude for such beautiful people around me. It felt good that we are #together in this journey. Look up -

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