Saturday, 18 April 2015

Westin fun : Beer, Burgers and More

Guest Author, Manik Sehgal talks about his dining experience at Westin through this blog post.

The 10-day long food festival, at Westin – Gurgaon, themed on the famous international cuisine – Beer and Burgers – was one of the most exciting I have visited in the recent past. It came across as a surprise invitation as my wife called me over the phone and asked me to join over.  I was more than happy to yes for this mouthwatering event.

The evening of March 18, 2015 began with an entry to the Seasonal Tastes, the all-day restaurant at the Westin. We were escorted straight to the food festival arena by the courteous staff at the counter. The arena was in open just outside the all-day restaurant. The view was also amazing as the sitting was done keeping in mind that the guest can enjoy the cool breeze around.

The make shift kitchen was in front of the sitting area, giving a full view of the preparations of the burger and its content. The Chef was quite courteous to welcome us and told us to have a look at the spread of patties and let him know our choice. I had a look around and finally ordered a Three Bean burger. In the time Chef prepared my order, I looked around and feasted my eyes on other interesting patties. Soon my burger was ready after a few minutes.

The moment I tasted it, I knew that there was something new I had eaten and I went to the chef to ask about it. The patty was soft enough to melt in my mouth and had enough to give my taste buds the feel of the beans. But the main reason for the feeling was that the patty was grilled and not fried, like we normally get in burgers. The way of preparation of the patty made the burger taste so different and obviously healthy too. One thing which I always want in my burger is that it should be messy enough in the inside and the bun should be soft as well as crispy on the outside.

As far as drinks was concerned, I do not take Beer so I settled for a Fresh Lime soda. The taste of burger was absolutely delighting with the soda. I totally enjoyed the evening. 

As we were thinking of leaving after having the full burger, we were told by the hosts to enjoy the buffet spread at the restaurant as well. I had already been there twice during my after meeting lunch but this time it was different as we were there to taste the food and relish the taste. It made me feel all the more excited and hungry.

The place had mix of live kitchens and an interactive open kitchen. The buffet spread was very elaborate starting all the way from salads, soups, Indian chat counter, Chinese, Indian, Continental and a wide variety of desserts. Having a sweet tooth, I always keep an eye on the desserts whenever I go for buffet . Its my rule, I eat some desserts in the beginning of the meal and I come to the others later.

I started with the Delhi ka Gol-Gappas. I tried them with the mix of sweet and tangy liquid. Wherever you eat them, the golgappas never fail to take the taste buds for a ride. Then was the turn for the soup along with some traditional Indian and Chinese starters. By this time I was almost full but the taste of the food kept the foodie  me going on and on. For the main course, I just had some plain rice along with some Indian delicacies. I also tried little bit of Chinese main course and it also tasted good.

Now was the turn of the desserts, and I excitedly walked towards the dessert counter. The dessert counter was round in shape and all the different types of sweets were put on multiple shelf on the round table. It started from Chocolate Burfi till multiple flavors of ice cream. It also had fruits tarts, chocolate mousses, fruit custards, authentic Indian sweets like Gajar ka Halwa and Gulab Jamun and what not. I wanted to taste all of them but was able to taste only half of them. The rest will be tried some other time.

After the sumptuous and satisfying meal,  I was already planning my next visit to Seasonal Tastes in my mind. One thing which I want to point out is that one should go there empty stomach to enjoy the buffet spread. The price of the buffet is on the higher side but I would rate it reasonable since the food- spread is quite lavish offering varied choices and savoring tastes.

I totally enjoyed the evening and will be there again to enjoy the mouth watering dishes.

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